Extensive effort has been made to make it extremely easy to find what you are looking for in nearly every combination possible. We did so using “Keywords“. Below each video you’ll find the “Keywords” related to that video. This page contains all the “Keywords“s we use.

Each candidate has multiple “Keywords” assigned to their name to help you navigate that candidate pending what you are looking for.

Candidate Name Ads – Will return all ads released by that candidate.

Candidate Name Gaffes – Will return all gaffes made by that candidate.

Candidate Name Buzz – Will return everything the candidate said that stirred up a buzz. This “Keywords” may also include buzz items related to a candidate that someone else may have initiated. An example would be where one candidate says something about another which causes controversy the item will be “Keyworded” as Candidate Name Buzz for both candidates.

Candidate Name Speeches – Will return the candidates speeches

Candidate Name Interviews – Will return the candidates Interviews

Clicking on a “Keyword” which is simply Candidates Name (e.g. Barack Obama) will return all items related to that candidate, ads, buzz, speeches, ads attacking them and every item where that candidates name has been mentioned. In other words, if you want to check out everything related to a candidate, click the keyword Candidate Name: Try it with Mitt Romney (opens in new window).

The same rule will apply to organizations, like DNC, RNC where clicking on the “Keywords” will return the items related to that organization. While clicking on the “Keyword” National Committees will return all items from all national committees.



Ads – Returns ALL the ads from all the candidates and all the ads from other organizations. Buzz – Returns ALL Buzz items from all the candidates. Same with Gaffes, Interviews, Speeches and so on.

Attack Ad – Returns all the attack ads. If your looking for all the ads attacking a particular candidate select Attacking Candidate Name.

We’ve also tried to tag each item with the content of the item, such as ads related to Taxes will be taged Taxes, if the ad targeted Iowa it will also be tagged as Iowa. If an ad discusses the candidates record it will be taged as Record. Clicking on this topic will return all items where candidates records are discussed.

We invite you to hang around and check it out. We are confident you will find everything you are looking for well organized. We invite comments and suggestions please email us via the contact page.

Hoovering over a Keyword without clicking will dispaly the number of items filled within that Kayword.

One final note; the direct link to all keywords would be An example would be the link for taxes would be If it’s a multiple word topic you’ll insert a score between the words, eg.

Have Fun!

$10000 9/11 47 Percent 60 Minutes 999 Plan 2012 AARP ABC Abortion Abraham Lincoln Adam Scott Ad Buy Ad Reviews Ads African American History Month African Americans AIPAC Alabama Alabama Presidential Forum Alabama Primary Night Alan Colmes Alaska Alejandra Salinas Alexis Bledel Alex Witt Alfred E. Smith Al Gore Alice Germond Alternative Parties Alyona Minkovski America American Bridge American Crossroads American Dream American Future Fund American Idol Americans Elect Americans For Herman Cain Americans For Prosperity Americans for Prosperity Forum Ames Amnesty Amonix Anderson Cooper Andrew Breitbart Andrew Tobias Angie Flores Anita Perry Anna Wintour Ann Curry Announcement Ann Romney Anthony R. Foxx Antonio R. Villaraigosa Apollo Theater April Fool's Arizona Arizona Primary Night Arlen Specter Arlington National Cemetery Arne Duncan Arthur Laffer Artur Davis Ashley Judd Asia Asian-American Leadership ASNE Associated Builders and Contractors Attack Ad Attacking Barack Obama Attacking Herman Cain Attacking Joe Biden Attacking Jon Huntsman Attacking Michele Bachmann Attacking Mitt Romney Attacking Newt Gingrich Attacking Paul Ryan Attacking Republicans Attacking Rick Perry Attacking Rick Santorum Attacking Ron Paul Austin Ligon Baggage Bailouts Bain Capital Band Aids Barack Obama Barack Obama Ads Barack Obama Buzz Barack Obama Gaffes Barack Obama Interviews Barack Obama Press Conference Barack Obama Rallies Barack Obama Speeches Barack Obama Townhalls Barbara Lee Barbara Walters Barnard College Barney Frank Beat Obama Beau Biden Beau Davidson Becky Quick Bella Santorum Ben Bernanke Benita Veliz Benjamin Netanyahu Ben Labolt Bernie Marcus Bev Perdue Biden Buried Big Bird Big Oil Bill Ballenger Bill Butcher Bill Clinton Bill Hemmer Bill Kristol Bill Maher BIll O Bill O'Reilly Birth Certificate Birthday Black People Blind Trusts Blog Blood Money Bloomberg News Blow With The WInd Blunt Amendment Bob King Bob McDonnell Bob Schieffer Bob Vander Plaats Bob White Book Border Boston Globe Bradley Manning Brad Pitt Bret Baier Brian Lerch Brian Sandoval Brian Schweitzer Brian Williams Brit Hume Broken Promises Brokered Convention Buddy Roemer Buddy Roemer Ads Buddy Roemer Interviews Buddy Roemer Speeches Budget Buffett Rule Bump In The Road Bus Tour Buyer's Remorse Buzz Byron York C-SPAN CafeMom's Cain Sexual Harassment Cain Train California Callista Gingrich Campaign Launch Campaign News Campaign To Defeat Obama Candy Crowley Cap & Trade Capitalism Carbon Caps Car Industry Carl Cameron Carl Paladino Carol Berman Carole King Catholics Called to Witness Cathy McMorris Rodgers Cayman Islands CBS CBS4 CBS This Morning Cecile Richards Center Seat Chamber Of Commerce Charles E. Schumer Charles Krauthammer Charles Mahtesian Charlie Crist Charlie Rose Chicago China Choice Chris Christie Chris Devon Young Chris Matthews Chris Stirewalt Christian Broadcasting Network Christmas Message Chris Van Hollen Chris Wallace Chrysler Chuck Hurley Chuck Todd Chutzpah Citizens For A Working America Claudia Kennedy Climate Change Clint Eastwood CNBC CNN Coal Coffee Colbert Super Pac Colin Powell Colleen Marshall Colorado Colorado Caucus Night Colorado Election Energy Summit Columbia Combat Commander in Chief Compromise Concord Monitor Condoleezza Rice Conference Call Congress Connecticut Connecticut Primary Night Connie Mack Conservative Constitution Party Contraception Contract With America Contrast Conviction Corn Corruption Cory A. Booker Cory Booker Courage CPAC Craig Romney Cristina Saralegui Crony Capitalism Crossroads Generation Crossroads GPS Cuba Cuban D-Day Daily Roundup Dakota Meyer Daniel P. Moran Dannel Malloy Danny Gokey Danny Vargas Dan Senor Dartmouth College Davenport David Axelrod David Brody David Gregory David Letterman David Muir David Plouffe David Wolpe Daytona 500 Debate News Debates Debate Spin Debbie Wasserman Schultz Debt Debt Ceiling Defection Deficit Delaware Delaware Primary Night Democrat Democrat National Convention Democrat Presidential Debates Denise Juneau Des Moines Register Detroit Detroit Economic Club Deval Patrick Diana DeGette Diane Sawyer Dick Cheney Dick Durbin Dinner with Barack District of Columbia District of Columbia Primary Night Dixville Notch Dmitry Medvedev DNC Dog Donald Trump Donate Donna F. Edwards Doug Stern Downgrade Dream Act Dr K Show Dropout Earmarks Earthquake Economy Ed Koc Ed Meagher Ed Morrissey Ed Rollins Education Egypt Elaine Brye Electability Election News Election Results Elizabeth Ann “Libby” Bruce Elizabeth Banks Elizabeth Warren Elvis Presley El Vocero Emanuel Cleaver II Empowerment Endo Endorsement Energy Energy Independence Entitlements Environment Equality Equal Pay Erica Hill Eric Bolling Eric Fehrnstrom Eric Shinseki Erik Erickson Español Establishment Etch-a-Sketch Ethics Eva Longoria EWTN Executive Power Experience Exploratory Committee Facebook Faces of Change Face The Nation Face To Face Failed Promises Faith Faith and Freedom Coalition Family Fast and Furious Father's Day Featured Federal Reserve Fidel Castro First 100 Days Five State Tour Flag Flip Flops Florida Florida Primary Night Florida Republican Party Focus Group Foreign Policy Forum Foster Friess Fox & Friends Fox Business Foxnews Fox News Sunday Frank Luntz Freddie Mac Fred Karger Fred Karger Ads Fred Thompson Free At Last Freedom And Liberty PAC Free Enterprise Fundraiser Fundraising Gabrielle Giffords Gabrielle Union Gabriel Salguero Gaffes Gardasil Gary Bauer Gary Johnson Gary Johnson Ads Gary Johnson Buzz Gary Johnson Interviews Gary Johnson Rallies Gary Johnson Speeches Gary Johnson Townhalls Gas Prices Gay Marriage Gay Rights GBTV General Motors Geoff Neale George H. W. Bush George Soros George Stephanopoulos George W Bush George Will Georgia Gerald Seib Glenn Beck Gloria Borger Goldman Sachs Good Morning America Google Google+ Hangout GOP Candidates GOP Primary GOP Top 10 Government Agencies Grant Bennett Greta Van Susteren Griff Jenkins Grits Grover Norquist GSA Gulf Coast Energy Summit Guns Hannity Vegas Forum Hardball Harlem Harry Reid Harvey Gantt Hawaii Hawaii Caucus Night Health Care Herman Cain Herman Cain Ads Herman Cain Buzz Herman Cain Gaffes Herman Cain Speeches Herman Cain Unaired Heroin Hilary Rosen Hillary Clinton Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Hispanic Leadership Hispanic Leadership Network Hispanics Hogan Gidley Holiday Greeting Holocaust Survivors Homosexuality Hope to Hypocrisy Horse Hot Air Housing HPV Vaccines Hypocrisy I Am America Idaho Ideas IFCLIG Illinois Illinois Primary Night im2moro Immigrants Immigration Independence Day Independent Independent Womens Voice Insider Intercontinental Railroad Interest Groups Interviews Iowa Iowa Caucus Night Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Iowa Republican Party Iran Iraq Iron Lady Islam Israel Issue 2 Jack Blades Jackie Cushman Jack Markell Jake Tapper James Kvaal James Rosen Jan Brewer Jan Crawford Jane Edmonds Janine Turner Jared Monti Jared Polis Jason Chaffetz Jason Crow Jay Leno JC Watts Jeanine McDonnell Jeb Bush Jeff Duncan Jeff Glor Jenna Lee Jenn Hoffman Jennifer Gonzalez Jennifer Granholm Jennifer Weddel Jesse Tyler Ferguson Jessica Sanchez Jill Biden Jim Acosta Jim Gray Jim Hunt Jim Livingston Jim Messina Jimmy Carter Jimmy Fallon Jim Sinegal Joaquin Castro Job Creation Jobs Joe Biden Joe Biden Rallies Joe Biden Speeches Joe Kernen Joe Scarborough Johanny Adames John A. Pérez John B. Nathman John Boehner John Bolton John Harris John Heilemann John Hickenlooper John Kasich John Kerry John King John Larson John Lehman John Lewis John McCain John Roberts John Thune John Wayne John Wayne Gacy Jonathan Karl Jon Corzine Jon Huntsman Jon Huntsman Ads Jon Huntsman Buzz Jon Huntsman Endorsement Jon Huntsman Interviews Jon Huntsman Rallies Jon Huntsman Speeches Jon Ralston Jon Scott Jon Stewart Jorge Ramos Josh McElveen Juan Williams Judges Judy Chu Julian Castro Julianna Goldman July 4th Justin Long K-Street Kal Penn Kamala D. Harris Kansas Kansas Caucus Night Karen Eusanio Karen Mills Karen Santorum Karen Tumulty Karl Rove Katherine Archuleta Kathleen Sebellus Kathy Barks Hoffman Keep America Safe Keeping His Word Kelly Ayotte Kelly Evans Kelly Wright Ken Myers Ken Salazar Kent Sorenson Kent Sorenson Defection Kentucky Kenyetta Jones Kerry Healy Kerry Washington Kid Rock Kimberly Guilfoyle Kim Jong-il King of Bain Movie Kosher Food Krista Branch Kristine Frazao KTCB KXAN Kyle Melin Lane Turner Larry Kudlow Las Vegas Latin American Policy Latinos Laura Ingraham Laura Leslie Lazy Leadership Lee Wrights Lenny Curry Let Freedom Ring Letters to the President Lexington and Concord LGBT Libertarian Libertarian National Convention Libertarian Party Libertarian Party Nomination Liberty Record Liberty University Libya Life Lilly Ledbetter Lincoln Chafee Lincoln Day Dinner Lobbyists London Lou Dobbs Louisiana Louisiana Primary Night Luis Fortuño Luis V. Gutierrez Maine Maine Caucus Night Main Street Major Garrett Make Us Great Again Mandates Marc Anthony Marco Rubio Marcus Luttrell Margaret Thatcher Maria Ciano Maria Elena Salinas Marianne Gingrich Mark Levin Marriage Martha MacCallum Martha Raddatz Martin O’Malley Mary Ann Glendon Mary Fallin Mary J. Blige Mary Kaye Huntsman Mary Kay Henry Maryland Maryland Primary Night Massachusetts Matt Lauer Matt Strawn Medal Of Honor Media Medicare Meet Bryna Franklin Meet The Press Megyn Kelly Memorial Day Mental Retardation Michael Anderson Michael E. Thornton Michael Nutter Michael Reagan Michael Steele Michael Strong Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann Ads Michele Bachmann Buzz Michele Bachmann Gaffes Michele Bachmann Interviews Michele Bachmann Speeches Michelle Obama Michelle Voorheis Michigan Michigan Off the Record Michigan Primary Night Middle Class Mika Brzezinski Mike Huckabee Mike Warren Military Minnesota Minnesota Caucus Night Minors Missile Defense Mississippi Mississippi Primary Night Missouri Missouri Primary Night Mitch Daniels Mitch McConnell Mitt Romney Mitt Romney 6 Day 5 State Bus Tour Mitt Romney Ads Mitt Romney Buzz Mitt Romney Conference Call Mitt Romney Endorsement Mitt Romney Gaffes Mitt Romney Interviews Mitt Romney Podcast Mitt Romney Press Conference Mitt Romney Rallies Mitt Romney Speeches Mitt Romney Townhalls Mitt Romney Versus Reality Moms Matter 2012 Money Bomb Monica Crowley Morning Joe Mossouri Mother's Day Move On MSNBC Music Video Myrtle Beach NAACP Nancy Keenan Nancy Pelosi Nate Davis National Association of Police Organizations National Committees National Convention National Journal National Right to Life National Security NBC Neal Boyd Nebraska Negative Campaigning Neil Cavuto Nevada Nevada Caucus Night New Hampshire New Hampshire Primary Night New Hampshire Union Leader New Mexico News Clips Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich Ads Newt Gingrich Buzz Newt Gingrich Endorsement Newt Gingrich Gaffes Newt Gingrich Interviews Newt Gingrich Press Conference Newt Gingrich Rallies Newt Gingrich Speeches Newt Gingrich Townhalls New Year Message New Year Resolution New York New York Primary Night Nia Long Nick Searcy Nikki Haley No Child Left Behind Norah O’Donnell North Carolina North Dakota North Korea NotBarackObama2012 NRA NRCC NRSC Nuclear Nurses Obama's Dream Debate Obama Birth Certificate Obamacare Ohio Oklahoma Olympics One Nation On Point Politics Oops Optimism Oregon Orlando ORU College Republicans Osama Bin Laden Otterbein University Our Destiny PAC Outsider Outsourcing Palestinians Pam Bondi Pat Quinn Patty Murray Paul Ryan Paul Ryan Interviews Paul Ryan Rallies Paul Ryan Speeches Paul Ryan Townhalls Paul Vigna Payroll Tax PBS Pedro R. Pierluisi Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Pennsylvania Primary Night Pension People Pete Canellos Peter Alexander Peter Robinson Peter Schiff Phone Bank Pierre Prosper Piers Morgan Pious Baloney Planned Parenthood Podcast Pokemon Poland PoliticItTV Politico Polls Polygamy Poor Kids Poor People President Presidential Debates Presidential Forum Press Conference Pride Print Ad Priorities USA ProjectGoPink Puerto Rico R.C. Hammond Rachel Maddow Radio Ad Rafalca Rahm Emanuel Rallies Randall Terry Randall Terry Ads Rand Paul RapidRespons Rapid Response Rashida Jones Raymond Arroyo Raymond Thomas Rybak Reagan Library Recession Reconsider Record Red White and Blue Fund Reince Priebus Religion Republican Republican Jewish Coalition Republican Leadership Conference Republican National Convention Republican Presidential Debates Republican Senators Response Restore Our Future Restoring America Revolution PAC Rev Sammy Rodriguez Rhode Island Rhode Island Primary Night Richard Trumka Rick Perry Rick Perry Ads Rick Perry Buzz Rick Perry Gaffes Rick Perry Interviews Rick Perry On The Road Rick Perry Rallies Rick Perry Speeches Rick Perry Townhalls Rick Pluta Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Ads Rick Santorum Buzz Rick Santorum Endorsement Rick Santorum Interviews Rick Santorum On The Road Rick Santorum Press Conference Rick Santorum Rallies Rick Santorum Speeches Rick Santorum Townhalls Rick Scott Rick Snyder Ricky Martin Right Change Right To Work Ringtone RJC RNC Robb Hanrahan Robert De Niro Robert dePosada Robert Wexler Robin Roberts Robocall Rob Portman Roe v. Wade Romney Campaign Conference Call Romneycare Romney Fire People Ronald Reagan Ron Dzwonkowski Ron Paul Ron Paul Ads Ron Paul Buzz Ron Paul Interviews Ron Paul Press Conference Ron Paul Rallies Ron Paul Speeches Ron Paul Townhalls RT Rudy Giuliani Run Hillary 2012 Running With Romney Rush Limbaugh Russia Russ Mitchell Ryan Case Ryan Plan Sam Olens Sandra Fluke Sarah Jessica Parker SarahPAC Sarah Palin Sarah Palin's Earthquake Satire Savannah Guthrie Scarlett Johansson Science Fair Scott Pelley Scott Rasmussen Scott Walker Sean Hannity Secret Service Secure America Now Security Segregation SEIU Service Shannon Bream Shaun Boyd ShePAC Shepard Smith Sher Valenzuela Simi Valley Simone Campbell Singing Slavery Social Security Soledad O'Brien Solyndra Sonia Sotomayor Soundtrack South Carolina South Carolina Primary Night South Carolina Republican Party Spanish Spartanburg Special Interests Special Operations for America Special Ops OPSEC Special Report Speeches Spending Squawk Box SRLC Stacey Lihn Starting Point State of the Union State of the Union (CNN) Steel Steny Hoyer Stephanie Cutter Stephen Colbert Stephen J. Kerrigan Steve Cohen Steve Collett Steve King Steve Kroft Steven Chu Steve Scully Steve Westly Stimulus Straw Poll Super Bowl SuperPAC Super Tuesday Super Tuesday Primary Night Supreme Court Susana Martinez Susan Ferrechio Susan Geddes Tad True Tammy Baldwin Tammy Duckworth Tampa Tampa Bay Times Tanya Foster Tax Cuts Taxes Tax Plan Tax Returns Taylor Hicks Teachers Tea Party Ted Cruz Ted Nugent Ted Strickland Teenagers Tennessee Terry Moran Texas Thaddeus McCotter Thaddeus McCotter Ads The Affordable Care Act The Alyona Show The Associated Press The Daily Show The Early Show The Koch Brothers Theology The State The View The Washington Times This Week Thomas M. Menino Time To Choose Tim Kaine Tim Pawlenty Tim Pawlenty Ads Tim Scott Tim Skubick Tina Korbe Today Show Todd Akin Todd Palin Tom Brokaw Tom Corbett Tom Steyer Tom Vilsack Tonight Show Townhalls Transcontinental Railroad Transparency Trayvon Martin Treason Trey Gowdy Troops Trust Truth UAW Uma Pemmaraju Unaired Uncommon Knowledge Undisciplined Unemployment Union for Reform Judaism Unions Unite United University of Illinois Univision USAA USGLC Vacation Values Voter Summit Vashti McKenzie Vashti Murphy McKenzie Vermont Veteran Veterans Veterans for a Strong America Veterans of Foreign Wars Vice President Victor Cruz Vietnam Virgil Goode Virginia Virginia Primary Ballot Voter ID Wall Street Wall Street Journal Walmart Washington Washington Caucus Night Washington Journal Washington Post Water Waterloo WCNC Welfare WhichMitt White House Correspondents Dinner Winner Takes All Winning Our Future Wisconsin Wisconsin Faith and Freedom Coalition Wisconsin Primary Night WKAR WKYC WMUR Wolf Blitzer Women Words World Ag Expo WRAL Write In WSJ Yahoo Yash Wadhwa Yellow Flowers Yiddish You Didn't Build That Zach Wahls Zoo