American Bridge Ad: Pop Up Video: Romney’s “Growing Up”


American Bridge Ad: Pop Up Video: Romney’s “Growing Up”

A new video spoof of VH1’s old series “Pop Up Video.” Rather than informing viewers about whose idea it was to film Jewel’s music video in a bathroom, our version will show the many errors, falsehoods and contradictions in Romney’s Michigan ad “Growing Up.”

Watch the original Romney ad here

2 Responses to “American Bridge Ad: Pop Up Video: Romney’s “Growing Up””

  1. flyingonemopty February 19, 2012 at 01:52 #

    oh boy another hit mitt site just what the fearless leader called for. Civility in discourse but if you don’t get 1billion for ads ya gat ta do what you gat ta do ( Chicago thug accent)

    • Anonymous February 19, 2012 at 13:31 #

      We are NOT a hit Mitt site. We suggest you check out the rest of the site before you complain about it. We cover ALL the ads form the campaign. Read our about page

      We cover all the candidates fairly. In fact we have the biggest selection of Mitt Romney interviews, speeches, ads etc that you’ll find anywhere on the web. Check out the Mitt Romney section

      Supporters of particular candidates wont like that we post ads from those attacking them, but remember that we also post the ads where your candidate attacks them, that’s real fair and balanced.

      Again please read our about page it’ll give you a better understanding on what this site is all about.

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