Barack Obama Ad: Abram Powell: “I Stand With President Obama


Barack Obama Ad: Abram Powell: “I Stand With President Obama

Abram Powell shares how throughout his life he has faced discrimination not only for his race, but for his inability to speak or hear. Because of this, he hasn’t had the same opportunities as others.

But Abram persevered through his struggles; learning sign language from his brother, winning the gold medal at the Deaf Olympics; and working at General Motors for 39 years.

Abram saw the need to bring change to the deaf community and the world. He continues his commitment to change by volunteering to ensure President Obama is re-elected in November.

As he shares:

“My goal is for all deaf people to get out and vote and support President Obama. I see a lot of deaf people not voting and they need to vote. When I found out OFA was doing voter registration it was a good way to help give information about President Obama and what he has accomplished. The President is a hard worker, just like I was a hard worker.”

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