Barack Obama Ad: Cristina Saralegui: Cuidado de Salud en Nevada (Español)


Barack Obama Ad: Cristina Saralegui: Cuidado de Salud en Nevada (Español)

Marc Anthony asegura que los Latinos serán una fuerza electoral en la elección presidencial del 2012 y comparte cómo es que el Presidente Obama apoya a los Latinos en temas como el trabajo, la educación, y la inmigración. En sus propias palabras:

“El Presidente nos apoya, y es hora de dejarle saber que nosotros también estamos con él. Esta elección es demasiado importante para que no participen.

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Cristina Saralegui: Health Care Nevada

Today, Obama for America launched the next series of TV ads in Spanish, emphasizing the President’s record on issues of importance to the Hispanic community. In the ads Cristina Saralegui presents the achievements of the President on issues of health care and support for the President’s policies that have strengthened and benefited families and Latino communities. The ads, which will in Nevada, Colorado and Florida, are featuring by Saralegui, who discusses the history of the President in terms of health care – a history that includes new health care reform that will enable, by 2014, 9 million Hispanics who have never had insurance get it, that young 736.000 Hispanics remain with their parents’ health insurance, which strengthen and protect the Medicare program for the 1.2 million seniors who rely on Medicare for drug screening and affordable, and prevent being denied coverage to millions of women and children because of their gender or have a preexisting medical condition.

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