Barack Obama Ad: Faces of Change: A Fair Price


Barack Obama Ad: Faces of Change: A Fair Price

When Liam was five-months old his insurance premiums went up by 100 dollars a month. As Liam’s mom Rebecca says:

“It was completely unbelievable that insurance for a five-month old could be that expensive. I called them and what I was told was: ‘You can change your plan or go somewhere else'”.

Since the Affordable Care Act passed, the insurance commissioner in Rebecca’s state has been reviewing the rates to make sure families get a fair deal. Because of this, Rebecca and her family received a refund.

In 2012, Liam got a insurance renewal notice in the mail. This time his premium was reduced. As Rebecca says:

“Before the Affordable Care Act I felt totally helpless and I now feel like there’s somebody looking out for us. I’m very grateful that the President fought for health care reform.”

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