Barack Obama Ad: Gloria’s Letter: “Dear Mr. President”


Barack Obama Ad: Gloria’s Letter: “Dear Mr. President”

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Dear Mr. President,

I’ve waited close to 30 years for this moment.

Today my family and I have the opportunity to live the dream of thousands of immigrant families who have been embraced by this generous country. My children have the privilege of studying in American Universities and will be able give back and become useful and productive citizens of this country.

That time has come and now we have a voice. With our vote we want you to know that we support you because you believe in the very essence of the dream we are living. You are willing to work and speak up for the Latino community.

Like you I believe there is work to be done and that regardless of our political affiliation, whether we’re black, or white, or Latino, we can work together for the greater good of this nation to overcome the challenges we face. As brand new American citizens please know that my family and I are with you all the way.

May God bless you and your family and may God bless the United States of America.

Gloria Palacio and family

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