Barack Obama Ad: Mitt Romney: Extreme Makeover Campaign Edition


Barack Obama Ad: Mitt Romney: Extreme Makeover Campaign Edition

Mitt Romney knows a thing or two about makeovers — but a new OFA video previews one of his most implausible makeovers yet: making his extreme policies seem appealing to Latino voters. AsMitt Romney embarks on a new push with Hispanic Americans this week, viewers will watch with great anticipation to see — with only a few weeks left — if the Republican candidate can overhaul his positions and slow his sharply declining popularity in the Latino community. Romney’s extreme policies are simply wrong for Latinos, so he’s hoping an extreme makeover will do the trick.

Can Romney cover up his belief in self-deportation with a bold new wallpaper choice? Will a new window treatment help disguise his support for Arizona’s controversial “show-your-papers” law? If he does something amazing with spackle, will people forget he’s promised over and over again to repeal Obamacare on day one — denying millions of Latinos comprehensive health care coverage? And on his promise to veto the DREAM Act….well, duct tape can fix everything, can’t it?

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