Barack Obama Ad: Pagar La Cuenta (Español)


Barack Obama Ad: Pagar La Cuenta (Español)

Decisión Clara – Anuncio de Televisión de Obama for America

Presidente Clinton:
“El Presidente Obama tiene un plan para reconstruir a America, invirtiendo en innovación, educación y entrenamiento laboral. El Presidente Obama lo entiende. Necesitamos seguir adelante con su plan.

Google Translation:

Decision Clara

President Clinton: “He’s President Obama Tien plan to rebuild America, invirtiendo in innovation, education, y entrenamiento work. El President Obama it enti . need to continue to anticipate and meet with su plan.

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  1. vcastano November 2, 2012 at 11:27 #

    “Pagar La Cuenta”: This ad misleads many in the Latin community that do not know the process of appointing a supreme court justice. Gov. Romney was not part of the process, but he did express he did not agree w/ her appointment. He stated, “J“Judge Sotomayor and I have very different judicial philosophies. She
    is an activist, a liberal jurist,” he said at the time. “And I prefer
    people who follow the Constitution and do not make law as a judge. And
    so I will support justices who are conservative and who follow the
    constitution.”” As to Gov. Romney opposing Sotomayor’s appointment, did not offend me as a Hispanic. I, too didn’t support Sotomayor’s appointment, due to we do not share the same ideas/philosophies. I would not change my vote, just because she is Hispanic. I have to look beyond that. My faith/moral beliefs come above of what my ethnic background is, where I live, etc.

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