Barack Obama Ad: Republican and Voting for President Obama


Barack Obama Ad: Republican and Voting for President Obama

David and Christine Poulin from New Smyrna, Florida share why they’re Republicans and voting for President Obama. A few years ago their son Matthew was diagnosed with a rare condition attacking the heart. He survived after receiving a transplant and continues treatment with daily medications. Without the Affordable Care Act, the Poulins would be burdened with higher prescription drug costs and the threat of Matthew losing his health insurance.

As Christine and David share:

“If the Affordable Care Act were repealed there’s no way that we could afford the medical bills and prescriptions that come along with the heart transplant. The pre-existing condition clause was a big relief to us. When I heard Mitt Romney say that if he’s elected President he will repeal the Affordable Care Act on day one, it makes me angry.”

“The next president can decide the quality of my son’s life and the length of my son’s life. So if I vote for Governor Romney I’m voting for limiting my healthcare options for my son.”

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