CBS News: Defining The Real Mitt Romney

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    CBS News: Defining The Real Mitt Romney

    CBS news

    Mitt Romney is now almost certain to be the Republican presidential nominee. But as he marches ever closer to the Republican nomination for president, the question “Who is the real Mitt Romney?” has begun to take root.

    So Romney’s supporters are trying to flesh out the former Massachusetts governor’s public image.

    To his detractors, Romney is seen as a plastic man, the perfectly-starched symbol of the one percent. On the campaign trail, he’s often played into that portrait, opening the door for opponents to charge he’s incapable of connecting with average Americans, saying things like, “Ann (Romney’s wife) has a couple of Cadillacs” and “I’ll make you a ten thousand dollar bet.”

    In response, the campaign is working hard to highlight a more personal side. Just Tuesday, it released a a video highlighting the hopeful’s family.

    And now, independent of the campaign, a new chapter in Jeff Benedict’s book, “The Mormon Way of Doing Business,” adds fresh color, featuring rare interviews with former business partners and a story based on the stump of a tree.

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