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DNC Ad: Mitt Romney Likes Firing People


DNC Ad: Mitt Romney Likes Firing People

Mitt Romney: “I like being able to fire people”

In Nashua, New Hampshire. At the Nashua Chamber of Commerce breakfast.

Mitt Romney knows why jobs go:

“Romney’s Bain Capital leadership attacked as exploiting companies for cash.”
-Bloomberg, 1/9/12

“At Bain Capital’s direction, Dade quadrupled the money it owed creditors and vendors…And in waves of layoffs, it cut loose1,700 workers in the US.”
-The New York Times, 11/13/11

“One lucrative deal for Bain involved KB Toys… 3 years later the company began closing stores and laying off thousands of employees.”
-The New York Times 12/18/11

“In 1997, Bain bought a stake in DDI Corp… By August 2003, the company filed for bankruptcy… laying off more than 2,100 workers.”
Politico, 1/18/08

“Bain Capital purchases Ampad in 1992…The plant was shuttered and all the employees lost their jobs.”
-ABC News, 12/28/11

“‘We had to load up the U-Haul because we done lost our home,’ one woman says.”
-The New York Times 1/9/12