DNC Ad: The Romney Bunch


DNC Ad: The Romney Bunch

If you didn’t think Mitt Romney’s foray into the birther movement yesterday was evidence enough that his campaign has stooped to dog whistling to the most extreme elements in the Republican Party, just look who he’s surrounding himself with in Tampa. A running mate who wants to voucherize Medicare, GOP Governors who have attacked workers and/or worked to undermine women’s health (transvaginal ultrasounds anyone?), a former GOP Senator who wants to outlaw contraception and a current one who would have, like Romney, let Detroit go bankrupt. Then there’s the current Senator who proposed letting employers dictate to women their health care choices and the sitting Governor who has slashed education funding to the bone. And then there’s the turncoat who’s just in all of this for himself.

All this might seem like a motley crew to some – but to us it’s the “Romney Bunch.”

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