Gary Johnson: Who is Gary Johnson?


Gary Johnson: Who is Gary Johnson?

Who is Gov. Gary Johnson?
Gov. Johnson is a two-term Republican Governor of New Mexico.
Gov. Johnson has the most executive experience of any candidate in the race.
Gov. Johnson is the most fiscally conservative Governor in the country.
Gov. Johnson vetoed more bills than his contemporary 49 Governors combined.
During his time, Gov. Johnson was one of only 4 Governors to leave their state with a balanced budget.
Gov. Johnson cut taxes 14 times.
Gov. Johnson has the best record on jobs growth of any official Republican presidential candidate, according to a National Review report.
According to a Public Policy Poll, Gov. Johnson is the only Republican presidential candidate who is still popular in his home state, which also happens to be 2-1 Democrat.
Gov. Johnson has the record and the serious policy proposals needed to bring common sense back to Washington and put our country back on the right track.

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