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Herman Cain Ad: Mitt Romney Attack (Unaired #6)


Herman Cain Ad: Mitt Romney Attack (Unaired #6)

Asked my Piers Morgan whether he thinks Homosexuality is a sin, Mitt Romney responded “Nice try”. When Herman Cain was asked the same question he responded that he believes it’s a sin. The ad accuses Romney for not being able to take a stand.

Six ads have been leaked that were apparently in the can ready to go by the Herman Cain campaign but never aired in light of Cain dropping out on December 3rd.

Being that Mr Cain dropped out on December 3rd and those ads were leaked in early November, we tried to independently verify whether those ads were in fact produced by the Cain campaign or by an independent group, so far we were unable to get any confirmation. Until we hear otherwise, for archiving purposes, we treat them as official Cain campaign ads and categorize and tag them accordingly.

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