Jon Huntsman: Iowa Picks Corn, New Hampshire Picks Presidents

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    Jon Huntsman: Iowa Picks Corn, New Hampshire Picks Presidents


    Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, who has put all his weight behind a solid showing in the New Hampshire primary, appeared on The Early Show Thursday morning and fired a shot right between the eyes of Iowans and the candidates vying to win next week’s Iowa caucus.

    “They pick corn in Iowa, they actually pick Presidents here in New Hampshire.”

    Huntsman then went on to talk about the deficit and economics before getting into more praise of residents of the Granite State. He said that he jumped to third place in the state, noting that town halls were slowly getting larger. “As always, New Hampshire is going to upend conventional wisdom,” Huntsman said. “People always think they know how these elections are going to turn out, and then comes the vote out of New Hampshire.”

    He later added that the rap on him was that he could win a general election, but he couldn’t pull off the primary victory. And a strong finish in New Hampshire could give him a tremendous push.

    Watch the full interview here

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