Mark Levin Ad: It’s Nighttime In America


Mark Levin Ad: It’s Nighttime In America

Based on the famous Ronals Reagan 1984 ad titled “It’s Morning in America”. Conservative radio host Mark Levin recreated the ad to represent what many feel in 2012. Scroll down to view the Reagan ad:

MARK LEVIN: “It’s nighttime in America. Just think where we were four short years ago. Today, we have 15% actual unemployment, foreclosures are at a historic high, gasoline is 70% higher than before and the debt is over $15 trillion. It’s nighttime in America. Today, Americans are divided race, class warfare replaces capitalism and the Constitution is all but ignored. It’s nighttime in America.”

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  1. Orlando July 25, 2012 at 19:38 #

    Love the levin ad. Couldn’t have said it better. Obummer and Joe Biteme are dictators with delusions of Godhood bent on destroying America and turning her into a communistic society. To all the stupid people out there… Go ahead and give this guy 4 more years and you will really be sorry. But then, it’ll be too late!

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