Mitt Romney Ad: Kill Romney?


Mitt Romney Ad: Kill Romney?

Last night was a frustrating night at Obama Headquarters in Chicago. Now that Mitt Romney has won in Michigan, the Obama Campaign will bring its “Kill Romney” strategy to the next level and will try and distort Mitt Romney’s record to distract from three years of failure from President Obama.

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  1. jedijones77 February 29, 2012 at 23:52 #

    Looks like Romney filmed his own staff and e-mails and just substituted the names Gingrich and Santorum with his own name. Let’s not forget his own aides said their mission was to “destroy Gingrich” in Florida. Little does Romney realize, the Newt shall rise again. Obama’s got his own “999” plan…$9.99 for a gallon of gas. The public is figuring out that Newt is the only one smart enough, bold enough and creative enough to be one step ahead of Obama every time.

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