Mitt Romney Google+ Hangout – March 20 2012


Mitt Romney Google+ Hangout – March 20 2012

From the Google offices in Chicago Illinois, Mitt Romney answers questions in a Google+ hangout.

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  1. Shane Ownbey March 25, 2012 at 12:13 #

    Why is MITT ROMNEY the Best choice for the highest office in the Land?

    First place (19x) or 2nd place (8x)! (3rd place in MN,ND,AL,MS)
    Graduated from Harvard with JD /MBA (with honors)
    Accepted NO payment for his term as Governor of Mass. (4 years of service)
    Accepted NO payment for his role in organizing the 2002 Winter Olypmics (3 years of service)
    Mitt leads in delegates (real measure of who is winning) MR-495 / RS-253 / NG-131 / RP-48
    Leads the popular vote (over 1 million votes)
    Leads in every category on
    Son of Successful Corporate Leader and Governor of MIchigan George Romney!
    Has performed at the top of the class in the 2011-12 GOP / Republican debates
    The Romney campaign has applied, petitioned and qualifed to participated in every states primary & caucus.
    Mitt balanced the budget of MA while Governor. (4 years in a row in a state dominated by Democrats)
    Made Massachusetts more conservative by stopping the bill to change the definition of conception
    Governor Romney gave Massachusetts State Police authority to remove “Illegal Immigrants” from MA
    Ran Bain Capital the largest on one of the most successful venture capital companies in America
    Rescued the 2002 SLC Olympics from financial ruin and scandal in the wake of 9/11 bringing stability & renewed esteem to the games and the country.
    Mitt is Pro-Life and Pro-gun and his resolve was tested as Governor of MA.
    Mitt has Tea-Party support because of his Conservative policies and Leadership ability
    Mitt gave 14% of income to charity during same time Rick Santorum gave 2.2%
    Moved Bain capital to New York City to organize a manhunt for missing daughter of friend and partner.
    Romney & family rescue boaters on sinking boat on Lake Winnipesaukee in July 2003
    Philanthropist activity include not only donating money (14% of income annually) but also time and resources as a volunteer.
    Married to Ann Romney 42 years, Does not use alcohol (or drugs) and has never been accused of infidelity.
    Is the only GOP candidate to publish a Plan for Jobs & Economic Growth for America
    Took on a gang of would-be rapists to protect two young women at the risk of his own life. (France while serving 2 years as missionary)
    Suspended 2008 GOP campaign at SEAPAC. Romnney pulled out to focus on fundraising for the GOP Front Runner (JM)
    MITT Romney has a consistent reputation as a finacial leader that will NOT run on defeciet budgets!
    Handled day-to-day business of French Mission office while his Mission President could grieve his wife who had died in a auto accident.
    Governor Romney eliminated $3,000,000,000 (billion) of Massachusetts debt and left office with a surplus.
    Mitt has pledeged support for the State of Isreal and has vowed to stop the nuclear proliferation of Iran and other countries.

    I have more . . .

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