Mitt Romney: My Dad’s Dad Was Not A Polygamist

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    Mitt Romney: My Dad’s Dad Was Not A Polygamist

    Mitt Romney responded on to Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer’s (D) suggestion that he’d hit bumps in the road in appealing to the national electorate because his father was “born on a polygamy commune in Mexico.”

    In an interview with Fox News Carl Cameron Romney set the record straight without directly attacking Schweitzer.

    “I don’t know that I have any particular reaction, My dad’s dad was not a polygamist. My dad grew up in a family with a mom and a dad and a few brothers and one sister. They lived in Mexico and lived a very nice life there from what I understand and then when he was , I think five or six years old there was a revolution in Mexico. They escaped. I believe they went to El Paso first, and were helped by the government to get on their feet and then his dad went around the country, Los Angeles, I think Idaho, Utah, went broke more than once. My dad had a very tough upbringing.”

    You can watch the full interview here

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