Mitt Romney On Laura Ingraham Show – January 3 2012


Mitt Romney On Laura Ingraham Show – January 3 2012

Mitt Romney talks to Laura Ingraham about SuperPAC’s

Romney: “Well I don’t know why [Newt] is so angry.”

Ingraham: “Well he is angry because he seems himself lacerated in commercial after commercial and he gets a 98.6% pro-life voting record yet the Super PAC is trying to say he is like a big squish on abortion. That’s why he’s mad.”

Romney: “I think he is mad for a lot of reasons but I think he is a good guy, I like his wife Callista, I wish him well, this is going to be a long campaign and you know I think we are going to plow ahead. By the way, of course the Super PAC that is working for me I know the people there, of course I helped raise money for it, but the law says I can’t tell them what ads to run or when to run them or where to run them. … And if they make mistakes or say things that are wrong, I decry that. Don’t say things that are dishonest.”

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