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Mitt Romney Talks To Sean Hannity On The “Hannity Vegas Forum” Special (Part 1 Economy) – February 2 2012


Mitt Romney Talks To Sean Hannity On The “Hannity Vegas Forum” Special (Part 1 Economy) – February 2 2012

Mitt Romney appeared on Sean Hannity’s “Hannity Vegas Forum” special. The main questions were about the economy, but an opportunity was given to Mitt Romney to respond to the recent controversy where he said that poor people have a safety net.

Newt Gignrich on Hannity Vegas Forum

Rick Santorum on Hannity Vegas Forum

  • Carmine

    Romney did great! People do have to know that there has to be cuts in government to balance a budget. Just look at what our own budget looks like when we over spend. We also know that there is only so much we can borrow before we start losing our assets.

    • moral patriotic American

      We do need to balance the budget. I go to work every day, and I work 10 to 12 hours a day and I am taxed at 35%. Not that I have a problem with that. I appreciate the opportunity to sell the commodity of labor every day, in the United States of America. My problem is when someone who sits on their can all day, every day and makes millions from their investments, only pays 14%. Especially when price of the commodity of labor is controlled. If it gets too high the federal reserve ups the interest rate, so that we can maintain at least a 5% unemployment rate. And then you people stick your ignorant heads out the window of your car and “yell get a job” at the people who are protesting the situation. You’re brain washed, most of you against your own interest.

  • Rich Cook

    This is why I hate politics. It’s so tiresome hearing exaggerations and mischaracterizations and slick talk.

  • Yerneighbor

    Way ta go GAWKER — and this is the best the mole could come up with? Hannity changing his tie? Remove 53 points from you credibility rating – making your total -3.

  • MahatmaAwesome

    This is like a shitty episode of biglove.