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Newt Gingrich ‘Social Security’ Speech at Georgetown University – Washington, DC – March 28 2012


Newt Gingrich ‘Social Security’ Speech at Georgetown University – Washington, DC – March 28 2012

Newt Gingrich discusses the future of Social Security at Georgetown University in Washington DC. Following his speech he took questions from the students.

  • Louiswhitley

    They dont have a clue to how much danger there in.

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    • ElectAd

      Dumb would be us doing all the hard work getting the videos, then allow you to come here and just grab the code and put it up on your website. Where exactly does that leave us?

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            Your input is appreciated. While in general you are right, your argument does not apply in our situation. We’re more than willing to explain it to you in detail. However this discussion is not one that belongs on the public forum Feel free to email us editor@electad.com and we’ll reply in detail and full context.

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          • It is pretty clear to see what your goals are… I wish you much success!

  • What on Earth is Mitt Romney’s face doing on this page!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What on Earth is Mitt Romney’s face doing on this page???????!!!!!!!

  • I guess it is true whaen they say it’s not what you know, It’s who you know that counts!!!!!, I do want to say this though, I have the greatest of respect and admiration for president Bush one , and President bush two. I believed in each of them as strongly as I believe in Newt.

    I do very respectfully disagree with President Bush one though when it comes to Mitt Romney. Also I wholeheartedly disagree that now is the time to get behind one candidate!!! If we all accept that and fall one by one into the following mode just because a whole group of people are in endorsement mode , I feel We the people have been sadly misled and we lose our leader mode rather than follower status.

    If we, the people, truly want to stand up and be counted we better build a bigger following .

    If any real and meaningful change for the better and bring the Government back closer to the hands of the people , we simply cannot just follow the pushes to fold up our chairs and go home now.