NRCC Ad: President Obama’s Broken Promises on the Economy


NRCC Ad: President Obama’s Broken Promises on the Economy

President Obama’s recent remarks about American business owners is yet another reminder that the President is woefully out of touch. American entrepreneurs are the engine of job growth for our country — they work hard, make sacrifices, and deserve their success.



He still doesn’t get it, does he?

President Obama: “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

But American small business did built it, Mr. President. And they’ve done it without taxpayer-funded bailouts or sweetheart deals to failed companies like Solyndra.

They didn’t wait for somebody else to make it happen. And they didn’t ask Washington for a handout.

Throughout our history, American entrepreneurs have sacrificed their time and treasure to follow their dreams. In the process, they put Americans to work and built a nation.

All they ask is for a government that — as another President put it — will stand by their side, not ride on their back.

If you can’t understand what drives our economy, Mr. President, how can you expect to fix it?

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