NRSC Radio Ad: Faith (Wisconsin)


NRSC Radio Ad: Faith (Wisconsin)

First, they took over the banks.

Then, they put government in charge of our healthcare.

Now, what are liberals Barack Obama and Tammy Baldwin focused on?

Regulating the Catholic Church.

Obama and Baldwin want to force the Catholic church and Americans of faith to abandon tenets of their religion…
…mandating that the church pay for medical procedures and drugs that go against their beliefs.

And if the church won’t comply?
The Obama-Baldwin law punishes them…
…forcing them to pay fines and penalties…
…just for doing what they believe is right.

It is a direct attack on religious freedom.

Big government liberals, Obama and Baldwin already forced us to pay for government bailouts, a wasteful stimulus and Obamacare.

Tell them enough is enough…
…and to stay away from our churches and our faith.

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