Rick Perry Ad: Game Show


Rick Perry Ad: Game Show

The ad mimics a game show, asking questions of contestants like “Which Republican running for president voted for the bridge to nowhere?” and “Who personally demanded more that $1 billion in earmarks to his sixteen years in Congress?”

Each time the announcer proclaims the answer: “Rick Santorum!”

The spot features a clip of Santorum saying he was “very proud of the earmarks” he wrote into spending legislation.



Announcer: “It’s ‘Wheel of Washington!’ I’m your host, Wink, Tax and Spend!”

“First question: Which Republican running for president voted for the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ earmark?”

“Yes, Susie from Des Moines.”

Suzie: “Rick Santorum?”

Announcer: “Correct! Santorum voted for the Bridge to Nowhere and a highway bill full of pork.”

“Who personally demanded more than one billion dollars of earmarks in his 16 years in Congress?”

“Jay from Ames.”

Jay: “Rick Santorum?”

Announcer: “Right! Santorum grabbed for a billion in earmarks — until voters kicked him out of office in a landslide.”

“Audio bonus! Name this Congressional porker.”

Rick Santorum: “I have had a lot of earmarks. In fact, I’m very proud of all the earmarks I’ve put in bills.”

Announcer: “Jen, from Sioux City.”

Jen: “That’s Rick Santorum.”

Announcer: “In-deedy-duty! Santorum’s proud of feeding at the earmark trough in Congress. Soo-ee pig!”

“That’s right, Iowa. On taxes and spending, if Rick Santorum wins, you lose.”

Gov. Perry: “I’m Rick Perry and I approve this message. Paid for by RickPerry.Org, Inc.”

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