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Rick Perry Gaffe: Calls Kim Jong-il, North Korea’s Dead Leader, Kim Jong The Second.

The London Telegraph reports

Rick Perry, the Republican presidential candidate, has compounded his reputation for gaffes by issuing a press release describing Kim Jong-il, North Korea’s dead leader, as Kim Jong the Second.

The statement by the Republican hopeful mistook the last word of Kim Jong-il as a dynastic numeral (II). Kim was indeed the second in his family line to run North Korea but his father’s name was Kim Il-sung. Even more confusingly Kim has been succeeded by his own son, Kim Jong-un, the third word being the French and Italian for one.

Though Mr Perry’s campaign is widely viewed as doomed as a result of his ‘oops’ moments of forgetfulness in debates, he can take comfort in the fact that a successful presidential candidate made the same mistake.

George W Bush referred to the dictator as Kim Jong Two when he was running for president. The two-term US president appeared to reserve a special hatred for the North Korean, once revealing “I loathe Kim Jong-il”

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