Rick Perry Talks To Martha MacCallum – January 12 2012

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    Rick Perry Talks To Martha MacCallum – January 12 2012

    Rick Perry spoke to Martha MacCallum where he addressed his criticism on Mitt Romney’s history at Bain Capital.

    “I think we’re making the point that the Republican Party should always be about creating an environment where jobs can be created. There are a lot of private equity firms that come in and they help build jobs, but in those cases where they’ve come in and basically taken the profits out of these companies and then sold them for a quick profit, I’m not for that and I don’t think most people in South Carolina are,” said Perry.

    “Well it’s pretty hard to make the argument that the governor of the state that’s created more jobs than any other job in the nation is against the free market,” Perry said when asked about accusations that his attack on Romney’s role at Bain Capital were  anti-free market. “You talk about barking up the wrong tree. That’s a waste of time.”

    “It’s a matter about vetting a candidate,” said Perry . “I mean, I didn’t hear anybody questioning when they were attacking me for things that I’ve done. So the fact is this process is about winnowing out individuals who and testing whether or not they’re a flawed candidate or not. And I will tell you that when people can point to where you made a quick profit and kicked people out of their jobs, that is an issue that’s got to be addressed.”

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