Ron Paul On ‘Face The Nation’ With Bob Schieffer – March 4 2012

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    Ron Paul On ‘Face The Nation’ With Bob Schieffer – March 4 2012

    CBS News 

    On CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” Texas Rep. Ron Paul sounds optimistic about the rest of the Republican nominating process. He predicts he will obtain a “majority of delegates” in Tuesday’s bundle of nominating contests.

    Spending the day campaigning in Alaska, Rep. Paul told host Bob Schieffer that he is looking to win three of the seven “Super Tuesday” states: Alaska, North Dakota and Idaho. Those three states are holding caucuses on Tuesday, and Paul is sticking with his strategy of focusing on the small caucus states that rely on activist voters.

    Those three states have a total of 87 delegates at stake – about 20 percent of the number to be allocated Tuesday. Paul told Schieffer that there is a “good chance we come out with a majority of delegate.”

    According to CBS News, Paul is currently in fourth place in the delegate count with 20 delegates – not including his second place Washington State finish Saturday – while former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is leading with 187 delegates.

    As for wrapping up the nomination, Paul said, “Do I believe I could win? Yes,” but he said the chances are low. “Do I think the chances are slim? Yes I do,” Paul said, but noting political events are in a state of “flux,” meaning anything could happen.

    Paul also had some harsh words for his challenger former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. In response to a question about Paul teaming with the Romney campaign to hit Santorum, Paul dismissed the notion as absurd.

    “It sounds like he’s trying to concoct conspiracies. I didn’t know he was in the conspiracy business,” Paul said about Santorum.

    “Is there a deal? Obviously not,” Santorum said. “He wouldn’t do it, I wouldn’t do it. And I think that’s just, I think that’s just Santorum trying to talk about something and he didn’t have any issues to attack me on so he had to go after me on something as silly as that.”

    Paul didn’t leave his criticism only for Santorum. He proceeded to hit politicians in both parties for a continuation of the status quo.

    “Nothing changes with the oversea adventures. Nothing changes with the monetary policy. Nothing changes with the deficits. Nobody seems to care about personal liberties,” Paul said.

    He charges his opponents for running for personal gain rather than wholesale change.

    “So few people who are in it for something other than just gaining power. See I see what’s happening in Washington with Republican and Democrats, everything is spent on gaining power.”

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