ElectAd is a website where we cover all the candidate campaign events, speeches, rallies, interviews and ads. We are unbiased, we do not have an agenda, we do not endorse or promote any single candidate, campaign or party. We cover all the candidates equally and fairly. We cover the ads from the campaigns, national organizations, outside groups, Super PAC’s and grassroots. No matter the candidate, party or group. Our goal is to post every event and ad of the 2012 presidential cycle, giving voters, students and journalists a one stop resource for everything the candidates say in their own words, unfiltered and unedited.

What makes us unique from other websites is the following:

1) We are unbiased, we do not have an agenda,  we do not endorse or promote any single candidate, campaign or party. We do not give opinions on items we post, we just post them as is and let the viewers make the call.

2) Every item we post is well organized, so no matter what you are looking for and the candidate you are researching everything is easy to find, based on topic or candidate.

3) While most websites appeal to a particular audience, our system allows us to appeal to all. The general public (the voters), journalists and students doing research and even the candidates themselves.

4) We have the most comprehensive collection of campaign events anywhere the web.

ElectAd for Voters

Keeping up with the election coverage can be very confusing and tiresome. The ads, the speeches, the news, the debates, the polls and everything candidates say that create a buzz. When you wake up in the morning and want to catch up with what’s going on, you may need to surf through multiple websites only to get half a clue of what’s going on and with almost everyone having an agenda it can be extremely difficult to know what’s true and what’s not, what is spin and what is fact.

We cover all the ads from all the campaigns, national organizations, outside groups and grassroots. No matter the candidate, party or group. We cover the speeches, the interviews, the debates, the news and even the gaffes and the buzz. We  feed the candidates tweets, the YouTube channels and we feed all the latest news and polls from most major news organizations. Each item is easily accessible from the menu bar and each menu item has an extensive sub menu.

Think of this website as a one stop shop for everything the candidates are up to. And because we are unbiased you’ll get all the information unfiltered.

ElectAd for Journalists/Students

Finding an item on YouTube can sometimes be quite a challenge. While candidates and organizations, usually upload ads and may sometimes upload events on YouTube, sometimes they will do so on multiple channels. Even on single channels it is often difficult to distinguish between the ads, the speeches and the various other videos candidates upload. Candidates can also choose which video should be featured on top and select the order of videos. When you’re rushing to meet a deadline, precious moments can make or break your story.

Items have been well categorized and tagged to make things easy to find and to keep related items together. Visit our Topics page (accessible from the top menu bar) for a comprehensive guide.

Here you will find each item well organized and all the ads, speeches, interviews etc. are well categorized under the candidates name  in order of the release date, making your research that much easier. If you find this site useful, a shout out in your column would be appreciated.

ElectAd for Candidates

Some candidates have more resources than others, while some can afford the millions to air their ads, others have no choice but to rely on web videos. By providing a place where all the ads, speeches and interviews are neatly organized in dedicated sections for each candidate, users can browse through the items without the distractions of the other videos they may not be interested. If we are successful in developing this site into a resource for all the ads, it will give all the candidates an equal opportunity for voters to see all the ads.


Descriptions below the videos are usually as posted by the candidates/organizations on YouTube. When no description has been posted by the candidates, we will do a quick summery of the ad but we do not give opinions (If we’re extremely busy we’ll just leave it blank and you’ll just have to watch it to find out).

Posting an ad on this site – or any video for that matter – does not constitute an endorsement and does not mean we agree or disagree with the content of the video.

We have backup of every item we post, if you come across a video that is not working (e.g. as a result of it being removed from YouTube) please do let us know and we will restore the video from our backup.

If you are a supporter of a candidate, part of a campaign or an organization, please send us over any ads/events released by your campaign, candidate and/or organization or anything else related to your candidate. Email us tips@electad.com

For the 2012 cycle our focus is on the presidential campaign. By the next election cycle we will expand to cover the House, Senate and Governor races.

The site is a work in progress, we have many exciting ideas on how to expand the site. Keep checking back for newly added features. In the meantime, when you have your morning coffee think ElectAd.

Finally, we would like to thank all the campaigns and organizations who assist us with information and keeping us up to speed with their campaign ads, events and scheduling. A special thanks to News organization, bloggers and websites who link to this website.