Barack Obama Ad: Mayor Ed Koch Endorses the President for Four More Years


Barack Obama Ad: Mayor Ed Koch Endorses the President for Four More Years

Today, Obama for America released a new video endorsement from former New York City Mayor Ed Koch. Mayor Koch is proud to cast his vote for Barack Obama because of the President’s unbreakable support for Israel and because he has, time and time again, proven himself to be a true friend of the Jewish state. As Mayor Koch says, “I’m confident President Obama will continue his unambiguous commitment to the Jewish state in his second term, building on his record of leadership by preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon and funding the Iron Dome missile defense system that is saving Israeli lives.”

Mayor Koch is also standing with the President because he is the “clear, best choice on domestic policy” and has the right ideas for moving our country forward. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to take us back to the failed policies that led to the worst financial crisis in a generation, and they would shred the social safety net, turning Medicare into a voucher program and cutting Medicaid. And the Mayor knows that President Obama understands we have a responsibility to look out for one another in tough times — and that he will keep fighting for the American people every day for the next four years.

As Mayor Koch says, “Those aren’t just American values, they’re Jewish values too.”

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