Barack Obama Ad: Stephanie Cutter: Mitt Romney and China


Barack Obama Ad: Stephanie Cutter: Mitt Romney and China

The Romney campaign said that it won’t “be dictated by fact-checkers”—in other words, they won’t be driven by facts. But whether the truth matters in this election isn’t up to the Romney campaign, it’s up to you.

Romney’s new ad lies about President Obama’s jobs record and doesn’t reveal the facts behind the Romney-Ryan plan to ship 800,000 jobs overseas—including 73,000 to China.

The Romney ad also says the President hasn’t challenged China over unfair trade policies—a statement Mitt Romney knows isn’t true. Mitt Romney actually attacked the President for being too tough on China when they were flooding the market with tires. You can check that out on page 119 of Romney’s own book, “No Apology.”

And Romney isn’t apologizing for the investments he still holds in China. Or the American jobs he outsourced to China as the president, CEO, chairman, and sole shareholder of Bain Capital.

President Obama has stood up for American workers, by filing trade cases against China at twice the rate of his predecessor. President Obama has fought for manufacturing jobs since day one, and now he’s set a goal of 1 million new manufacturing jobs by the end of his second term.

That’s the truth. No wonder the Romney campaign doesn’t want to be guided by the facts.

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